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What is the motivation for excellence when average is acceptable? – Bode Olutunbi

Bode Olutunbi is Managing Partner / CEO of Peoplesource Consulting, a leading people consulting business with operations in Africa & the United Kingdom.

Bode shares some insight into how his personal beliefs and value system has helped him navigate challenging situations where embedding ethical frameworks had not become a culture. He says, “the processes are there, but the systems to drive them are not robust enough. So there are loopholes that many have gotten used to.

As 2021 progresses, the face of talent will require more than just technical skills in an area of expertise. As Bode highlights, it will require a mindset shift. He asks, “What is the motivation for excellence when average is acceptable?”

TME Co-founder, Akin Akinyemi, agrees with Bode saying, “Mediocrity is a disease we need to fight, not only in an African context but in any context.

Watch Bode share a story of how his personal faith and persistent addiction to excellence turned to real business value.

Watch the full video here 

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