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I did not author seditious document calling for arrest of President-elect, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu – Prof. A. Bolaji Akinyemi

Former Nigerian External Affairs Minister, Prof. A.  Bolaji Akinyemi, has distanced himself from a letter calling for the arrest of President-elect Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

Prof. Akinyemi, while speaking on his weekly broadcast where he comments on international events, said, “It used to be funny, but it is no longer funny. It has been going on for about two years, and I hadn’t seen the first one until the security services called my attention to it in a very polite way. The eminent scholar said, “People have asked, we thought you and the President-elect were friends from NADECO days, why would you write such about him or Pastor Tunde Bakare?

Prof A. Bolaji Akinyemi found some humour amid the situation by saying, “I even got my lawyer to write. But the very cheeky reply we got was that when his father named him Bolaji Akinyemi, he did not patent it. Therefore anyone can be called “Bolaji Akinyemi”, which in law is correct. But the next time I visit my parent’s graves, I will ask them why they didn’t patent my name and save me this headache.”

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