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There is a fusion between the ruling class and the criminal elements in Nigeria – Dele Farotimi

Mr. Dele Farotimi, a Nigerian lawyer and political activist has shared his views while speaking on the virtual Town hall programme, “thruMYeyes Town Hall“. 

He said, “The ruling class in the Niger Delta do not live in the creeks and when they do go into the creeks, they go with sufficient guns and bulletproof cars to feel safe. It is the poor men and women, children who cry for security in the Niger Delta

Mr. Farotimi also said, “the reality is that there is a fusion between the ruling class and the criminal elements. All these calls, why are they enabled? And why are they ignored? They’ve become malignant, everywhere you turn in Lagos State from Fadeyi to Shomolu to Surelere, everywhere in Lagos State everywhere. And what is causing it, unemployment on a huge scale, deindustrialization. Little or no education, no opportunities of any sort, but enablement. And they see that it is the criminal elements that are getting ahead because they are the enforcement arm of the political class.

Watch the full clip here

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