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Lagos State is relatively safe compared to other Nigerian states – Dr. Dapo Thomas

Dr. Dapo Thomas, a foreign policy expert and senior lecturer in the Department of History and International Studies of the Lagos State University in Nigeria, made the comments while speaking on the virtual Town hall programme, “thruMYeyes Town Hall“. 

He said, “I think the problem we have on ground is more of a national problem than a state problem. The EndSARS issue we had last year, fundamentally was a national problem, but the location was Lagos State. I will not want to speak on that specific issue so my comments will not be prejudicial to the ongoing tribunal’s work.

Dr. Thomas also said, “However, for now, the spate of armed robbery, the spate of kidnapping, and all sorts is not as heightened in Lagos as it is in some other states, particularly in the north-east, and some parts of the East of Nigeria. In Lagos State, there is relative peace, relative peace, which means you’re still free to do your business.” and applauded the then synergy of the concept of having a specialist unit working alongside the conventional police force.

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