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Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi says, “Buckingham Palace Cabal” are wrong on Harry & Meghan and calls for judicial review

Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi, a Professor of Political Science and former Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, has sided with Harry and Meghan following the announcement that the Queen had asked the palace to investigate allegations of bullying against Meghan.

He said, “I’m very, very surprised that Her Majesty will take the position that you can be the judge, the accuser and the accused, all at the same time. I mean, after all, it is the British who gave the legal maxim that you cannot be a judge in your own case…Surely, Her Majesty cannot be serious that anybody would take seriously whatever the decision is.

Professor Akinyemi also called attention to the fact that even the Queen, in the early years of her marriage to Prince Phillip, had challenges with “The Palace Cabal”. He said, “The Queen may wear the crown. But those officials, the cabal in the palace, are the people who decide who to make life difficult for. How many things will get across to her(The Queen)? She won’t hear some of the rumours, some she may hear. And I’m sure that her husband, Prince Philip, would also have told her how they made things difficult for him because he wasn’t British at the beginning of their marriage. So for her to now expect that the palace will be a fair judge, really, it baffles me.

Prof. Akinyemi also shed light on how difficult life would have been for Harry and Meghan, whose every move would have being scrutinised. He said, “All Meghan or probably Harry needed to say to some staff is, “I don’t want it done that way. And they say we are being bullied.” Simply because she or he wouldn’t allow themselves to be dictated to, we are being bullied. What does that mean? In any case, It’s their marriage, It’s their house, and if they say this is the way we want things done and you can’t stand by that, there’s nothing about them bullied, you tender your resignation. But those mafia are used to controlling everyone from Her Majesty all the way down.

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