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The current state of affairs in Libya shows Gaddafi’s words were prophetic – Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi

Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi, a Professor of Political Science and former Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, has said the current state of affairs in Libya proves Gaddafi’s assessment of how things would turn-out after his departure was right.

He said, “Gaddafi told the Libyans that he knew what the Americans and the western societies were trying to do. And that if you wanted to go into exile, you could easily go into exile, because you already knew what they were planning, but that he was born in Libya, he would die in Libya, and say, you know, that but the ultimate plan, was to get him killed, but that the Libyans should remember where they were when he came in and where they are now. And he warned them that they will suffer considerably, after Libya might have been destabilised by getting rid of him, and he was prophetic. ”.

Professor Akinyemi also spoke about foreign interference when he said, “...is Libya better today than ten years ago? Is Libya better post Gaddafi than during the Gaddafi period? They succeeded in getting rid of Gaddafi. They succeeded in getting him killed. And then they moved on to other places. Not completely, they are still there. Each one of the countries that was involved in the destabilisation of Libya is backing different factions, different war-lords. Some using the United Nations as a cover and some doing it directly. It’s a pity what happened in Libya

Watch Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi speak on Egypt & Human Rights. He says, “At least under Mubarak, you had a focus. No human-rights, I admit that. But you know, this human rights. By the way, you tell me, if you don’t have access to education, your children don’t have access to education. You don’t have access to affordable health care. You don’t have infrastructural development in terms of roads, then what is of what benefit is it to you that you have the right to criticise the government, you have the right to have your say in the newspaper, have your say on the radio and so on, when all these other things that are of concrete benefit to you, your family, the human society are missing.


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