The private sector is antidote against corruption and foreign intelligence for office holders says Professor Bolaji Akinyemi.

FMR. Nigerian Foreign Affairs Minister ( discusses various international events.

Prof. Akinyemi made the statement while responding to calls from some for more regulation on UK MP’s taking on second jobs.

Professor Akinyemi appeals to developing countries’ government to harness the power of its private sector to create more regulations and avenues for public sector officials, civil servants, or ministers to have a life after office that insulates them for foreign intelligence recruitment and corruption while in office. 

If officeholders are engaged by their own countries private sectors as consultants or advisors, it reduces the attempt of accepting offers from foreign intelligence agencies, also if what an official or officeholder make while in office is sufficient to sustain them after office and maintain their standard of living, it is then easy to resist the temptation to be corrupt or to build a nest egg for after office. 

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