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Author & leading UK productivity expert, Clara Rufai, shares tips to help identify your strengths

Clara Rufai, the author of  “Prison Break: The 9-5 Escape Agenda” and leading UK productivity expert, has shared insights on how she helps clients identify their strengths to position themselves for success. Clara shared the insights while speaking with, co-founder, Akin Akinyemi.

In responding to the question, “What should someone trying to find their “Shine Factor” do?”, Clara said, “I would say that they will definitely have a good starting point if they download and listen to, and apply the Shine Assessment. And it’s a free gift on my website.

She also spoke further on the need to have someone who has travelled the road before you to help out and show you the reports. She said, “However, over and above that, I always talk about working with somebody. Because sometimes there’s nothing like you sounding someone out, you know. The best of us sometimes has jaundice, because you can’t, you can’t see yourself, you are in the frame of the photo, or of the picture. So you can’t really see yourself. So when you’re working with someone, and someone who’s travelled the journey that you want to travel, and the person is able to show you where you can place your feet, basically the stepping stones, it helps.

But, there’s also something I use when I work with my clients, it’s called an Opportunity Checklist. The opportunity checklist simply says, when an opportunity is presented to you, and not every opportunity is to be embraced, But when an opportunity is presented to you, you have to look and ask yourself certain basic questions. Is it going to lead me? Because everyone should have their overarching purpose, your life purpose. So, is this aligned? Or is this in alignment, this opportunity, is it in alignment? Or is it going to throw me off course from my journey, from my path? It’s like listening to somebody else’s dance. You know, drumbeats and dancing to it.

Clara further identified the need to work through emotions and feelings and make them work for you rather than against you. She said, “So, by the time you’ve worked through your emotions and your feelings and answered the questions that are posed in the Shine Assessment, candidly, you’ll be able to write out a Shine Statement. And that Shine Statement I found that with most of the clients I’ve worked with, it’s almost like a propelling force that you know, gives them a clarity of vision that they know this is what I want to do next. And then they start putting the blocks in place.

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